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Tips for Saving Money When Booking a Hotel Everybody knows there are plenty of cheap hotels out there, but there are times when a five-start experience is exactly what we want. Fortunately, there are ways to stretch your holiday budget to accommodate that wish. The following are five pointers on how you can save cash on your hotel booking, wherever you’re staying: The Importance of Timing Yes, if you book your hotel at the right time, you can get a very good price slash. Hotel prices rise and fall everyday, depending on the probability of their rooms getting filled for the night. The best booking time is usually 24 hours right before the time you plan to stay.
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You may also be given discounts if you have affiliations with certain groups or associations. Classic examples would be the AAA and AARP, but sometimes, even being a member of a prominent sports club or a professional organization also does it. If you have connections with any group, inquire about this. Even your credit can serve as your pass for discounts with certain hotels. Reward Malls Reward malls can also help you save on your hotel bookings. When you’re actually about to book, make use of those cash back and credit card rewards to enjoy bonus rewards. Note, however, that though anyone can use any cash back website, you’ll likely need a credit card to have access to credit card companies’ online malls. Upgrade Negotiations Instead of Payments negotiate for upgrades instead of paying for them. Instead of booking a fancy room, get a cheaper room then request an upgrade. This is particularly effective for off-season travelers, who are more likely to be allowed a move to a better room at check in. Other tricks that can score you an upgrade include calling the manager to ask what rooms are available (usually helps to tell them it’s a special occasion), and showing up at your exact check-in time and hoping your room is not yet prepared, so they’re going to have to move you to a better room. Otherwise, just give your tip in advance and request nicely for that upgrade. Again, your credit card can help you in this scenario. Some credit card companies have a booking tool which offers room upgrades, credits, perks like free breakfast, and many other special promos. Vigilance Is Key Finally, look out for price drops which will certainly come from time to time. As we mentioned, hotel prices rise and fall at various points during the day. Just by being patient enough to click on “Refresh” every few hours or so, you would know if you have the right price at hand.