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How Writing Affects Us No matter if you write for scientific journals or for children’s stories like that of Lemony Snicket’s, who is Daniel Handler in real life, or for a school paper, I’ve always believed that writing works both ways: it entertains and enlightens the reader and at the same time, it improves the writer’s skills and it enriches the his or her soul. And I am not alone in this; research can actually support me through countless of studies and experiments by psychologists who have dedicated their lives to the subject. A clinical psychologist currently teaching at University of Toronto, Jordan Peterson is the founder of SelfAuthoring.com, which provides users with guided writing exercises to help them become more motivated and productive, among others. He has also been studying on the effects of writing to our cognitive and emotional processes.
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Through extensive research and a number of experiments, he has found out that a person who regularly writes is less likely to suffer from depression and is more likely to be productive and motivated.
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He deeply believes that writing affects us more than we ever imagine. It may be thought that the writing that you do for business, school, or for similar activities cannot be found as therapeutic, but it was actually discovered that they can have a powerful effect same with the written exercises that you can find in the website. As an evidence, Peterson’s students have been progressing when it comes to improving their motivation by trying to think about and remember the past occurences in their lives and hopes they have for the future. You will experience the same thing if you are going to take time to write about anything that you want: your personal experiences, may it be your business, or your struggles at school, your English writing assignment. The most important thing to remember is that critical thinking holds the key to all this. Because your mind wants to put your thoughts in paper by organizing it, it will send you to a deeper and slower process of thinking that will form your thoughts into ideas that you can jot down on your paper. This process will give you the ability to see more clearly pictures of situations, of yourself, of other people, of the things that you want to write about. But one thing you must remember is it doesn’t lie on the thinking, it lays on something else. It’s always the writing that has this kind of effect on you. It is the act of writing that greatly affects your thoughts, it geared you towards clarity, motivation, and productivity. It’s somehow counterproductive to think about something way ahead of time, then decide to write about it the next. You just have to give into it and write.