An Interview With The Company Founder In Hampton creek’s LATimes article

Hampton Creek is a food science company that has developed a plant-based egg substitute which is used in its product Just Mayo, an egg-free mayonnaise. This product was recently challenged by Unilever, the parent company of Hellman’s, along with the Food and Drug Administration for using the name Just Mayo to describe a product that does not contain eggs. However, the dispute was resolved in favor of Just Mayo keeping its name. This was an important victory for the company because the word “Just,” in the sense of “fair” and “reasonable,” reflects the company’s mission. In Hampton creek’s LATimes article, company founder and CEO Joshua Tetrick discussed the dispute and the future of the company.

Hampton Creek’s mission is to provide healthier, cheaper, and more sustainably produced food to the world food market. When Tetrik and his co-founder Josh Balk started the company, they shared concerns that methods of egg farming were harmful to the environment because of the amount of resources required and the pollution to the water, air and soil from poultry waste products. They studied many different types of plants to isolate a protein that would make the best substitute for eggs. The product used in Just Mayo is made from a type of yellow pea.

After the name dispute was resolved, Hellman’s came out with its own egg-free dressing. Tetrick said that he is pleased to see other companies joining his efforts to make egg-free products because it will help to boost consumer awareness of egg-free alternatives. But he also said that he wants to reach beyond the limited market of vegan customers and appeal to all customers who want to consume healthier food. Ultimately he hopes that consumers will buy Just Mayo and other Hampton Creek products because they are affordable and tasty.

Just Mayo is not the only Hampton Creek product on the market. They also sell other varieties of dressings, cookies, and baking mixes, all of which use a plant-based egg substitute. Their market reach recently expanded when they became the sole supplier of dressings and baked goods for the food service company Compass Group. Compass has introduced Hampton Creek products to many more venues and customers. Tetrick said that he plans to see the company grow internationally in the next few years.