Be Careful in What You Text to Your Ex if You Want Him Back

Sometimes, it is difficult to maintain a romantic relationship when you are building a career. As a result, some relationships may end over the desire to be successful in business. This is not uncommon, and it happens when someone is so driven that he may think that his romantic relationship is a distraction. Though he could be wrong, he will not realize that when his mind occupied by work and moving up the corporate ladder. However, there will come points in his week when he does have some downtime, and it might give him a chance to wonder if he is letting go of something great. That is why it is important to text your ex to get him back with the right words.

To be frank, you cannot text any sort of message and expect to have good results. It is not enough to simply hear from you. You have to be careful about what you text. For example, if you write that you are wondering what he is up to, it sounds like you have no idea how important his career is to him. Further, he may see that as a sign that it was good to let you go. However, if you write that you saw a great movie with a friend, he may take notice and think. He may wonder if your friend was really a date, and he could think about how fun it was to be with you. When he thinks those thoughts, he may reflect on a good memory where he was only thinking about being with you for a few moments and a bit of jealously may flow through him.

The goal is to get your ex to notice you and think about the good times and to consider his loss. If you said that you just had an amazing time at the movies with an incredible man, it would not have the same reaction as the above statement. In fact, it may just put him off. However, the unknown is more of a mystery, and he may wonder if he did the right thing by ending the relationship. So, be careful with what you text.