Break The Poor Diet Cycle With Hampton Creek

There is no doubt that as a whole, the American diet has become quite unhealthy. Unfortunately, the consumers are paying the price. High blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes are a few of the illnesses that are directly related to the diet commonly eaten by most people. Likewise, childhood obesity is at an all-time high, as junk food consumption has increased and physical activity has decreased for most school aged children. Red meats, trans-fats and sugar-filled drinks are an everyday staple for many, causing an array of illnesses and ailments that could be prevented by breaking the cycle of a poor diet and instead learning to eat healthfully. Fortunately there is a simple solution to improve the diet. Hampton Creek foods offer a variety of foods made without eggs, cholesterol, or modified ingredients. In fact, the protein in the foods all come from plant-based sources, making them tasty to eat yet good for the body and the environment.

It’s believed by many that eating healthy costs too much money, but with Hampton Creek that isn’t the case. These foods are affordable, making them a viable option for anyone wishing to improve their diet. With egg-free, trans-fat free mayo, snacks and baking mixes all easily accessible at major retailers, a healthy diet can be had by all.

Many don’t understand the importance of eating well, but the benefits are astounding. By educating the consumer and making healthy foods readily available, there are immediate improvements in health and well-being. Many children are sensitive to eggs and dairy, causing everything from skin reactions and gastric irritation to behavioral issues. A simple adjustment in diet is all that is necessary to curb the problem, bringing about a drastic change for the child. Trans-fats should be avoided in children and adults alike, as heart disease and diabetes risks are increased with its consumption.

As the consumers understanding in health and nutrition grows, the demand for healthy food choices will also increase. Hampton Creek’s plant-based protein foods will become increasingly popular, allowing the consumer to enjoy the foods they want, yet all while continuing to eat healthy.