Case Study: My Experience With Dating

The Upside of Casual Dating There was a time when casual dating was the trend. Before the advent of the eighties, casual dating was the only way people could get to know each other’s personality, make mistakes and recover from relationships without having to figure out how to share property after a quarrel. Today, the situation is completely different and every youth who grew up in the eighties and nineties wants to move in together without any knowledge of each other’s character. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the advantages of casual dating. Most importantly, casual dating exposes people to friends who may be helpful during difficult times. Hanging out enables cohorts to bond and build trust among each other. This promotes communication and enables a group to work together towards the fulfillment of a specific goal. On the other hand, through casual dating it is easy to find someone who you can share with. Such situations only allow for commitment in friendship and openness to growth of the relationship without any commitments. Casual dating also helps to promote friendship as it enables cohorts to get exposed to each other’s personalities. The more times friends go out on a date, they are able to open up more and more by the day, eventually exposing each other to new personalities. This is actually the beginning of any relationship since both parties will get to know the likes and dislikes of the other party. Subsequently, this will lead to a point where each party adapts to the level of conversation the other party is used to.
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In addition, casual dating enables people to find out what their dates like or resents. This eventually helps to open up to the issue of whether the relationship can really work or not. Then again, since casual dating can provide a similar experience to dating, the mood does not have to be as serious as an interview. In that case, if you are not interested in dating, you can still use it as a learning period in your life.
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On the other hand, casual dating should be simple. When you find someone who you really like, you get an opportunity to end up with a really good friend even if that was not your initial intention. Women friends can help you a lot especially when it comes to advising you on the kind of person women like. They might teach you about the secrets behind what women like. This may help you when you decide to start dating, therefore, do not be afraid to indulge in casual dating.