Changing Caffeine Amounts in the Industry-Leading Matcha Tea

Kiss Me Organics has spent many months brewing and finalizing their formula for matcha green tea. Their efforts have resulted in a fantastic and extremely popular product available on There are a lot of great features in the tea, including natural energy, calorie burning attributes, and piles of antioxidants. But, the drink still has caffeine- and that can be a problem for some.

Adjusting Caffeine Levels

Thankfully, it can be adjusted. Tea type is the most important element to determining the amount of caffeine in tea. Most tea drinkers know that certain types are high in caffeine. They also know that hibiscus, mint, and other types are extremely low in caffeine (or almost entirely void of it).

There are three other aspects of tea that contribute to the caffeine levels. Interestingly, they can be adjusted after purchasing the tea. Drinkers can change the caffeine levels by the brew time, also known as steeping. Short brew times have less caffeine overall. Another thing drinkers can do is mix the tea with other types to dilute the drink of its caffeine. They can take green tea with matcha and blend in mint, which is known for being almost completely caffeine-free.

Decaffeinated Is Not Caffeine Free

Green tea is so popular because it is healthy. Caffeine is not fundamentally bad in small amounts, but many people try to remove it from their diet entirely. That may include getting rid of green tea.

Despite popular belief, decaffeinated tea is not entirely caffeine-free. There are trace amounts of caffeine in the drink. That may be the main reason for people to not drink tea or coffee at all. Importantly, tea has natural caffeine. The trace amounts are from nature, and cannot be avoided. It is a fraction of the amount found in traditional green tea, and especially coffee and soda. That makes tea substantially different than almost any other caffeine drink.

It is actually quite easy to adjust the caffeine amounts of tea. It is great to have the option of reducing the caffeine slightly so drinkers can enjoy an extra drink for the day without getting shaky.