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What if you were told you couldn’t have cookies anymore? Those who are starting a diet might believe they can’t enjoy cookies anymore since they’re not exactly healthy. Of course, there are recipes that are healthier that a person can make from home, but what if the person doesn’t have time to make the cookies and they just want something sweet to snack on? One company is changing this and has created cookies and other foods that are typically not allowed on diets but are actually healthier and can be enjoyed whenever a person wants them.

Hampton Creek has started using plant-based replacements for ingredients like eggs in their products. This means the foods have less cholesterol and less harmful and hard to pronounce ingredients. The goal is to create healthy, delicious foods that anyone can enjoy, no matter what diet they’re on. Their JustCookies and JustCookieDough products have been a hit since they offer the sweet taste a person is likely missing from their diet, without having to feel like they cheated on the diet. Other products include JustMayo and salad dressings like ranch and Italian.

Although the foods are available in a variety of stores, it’s often not enough to just look for them when a person is shopping. The store they prefer might not carry the line, or may only offer select products, so they might want to find out what other stores have a larger selection. They also may want to keep up to date on the latest foods that are being created so they can be the first to try it when it’s released. No matter what the person wants to find out, one way to do this is by following the company on their Facebook page.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the foods you love and still stick with your diet, this might be one company to look into further. Check out Hampton Creek on Facebook to learn more about the company, the products they have available, and where you can purchase their foods. You’ll see there are many others who follow their Facebook page so they can learn about new releases and even find recipes to use with some of their favorites.