Could A Plant-Based Egg Substitute Change The World?

Americans love meat. Hamburgers, pork chops, fried chicken, rib eye steak, bacon – it’s all good. Or is it? People eating traditional plant-based diets in other parts of the world are generally healthier. However, you ask a typical American to try tofu cheesecake or soy bacon and the response is generally not positive.

The Problem – It Takes a Lot of Grain to Raise a Little Meat

Is the American meat-heavy diet sustainable? Many feel that in the long term it will be necessary to eat much less meat. Chickens, pigs and cattle need to eat. The grain or other feed is a crop requiring the same resources as any other: water, fertilizer and insecticides. Then the grain is fed to the meat animals. They eat a lot. In the U.S., livestock consume seven times as much grain as is eaten by the U.S. population as a whole.

  • For every 1 lb. of edible weight chicken, 4.5 lbs. of feed is needed.
  • For every 1 lb. of edible weight pork, 7.3 lbs. of feed is needed.
  • For every 1 lb. of edible weight beef, 20 lbs. of feed is needed.

In other words, it took 20 lbs. of grain to raise the beef that became that delicious 16 oz. Porterhouse steak. Protein is essential for good health, but the protein can be obtained from plants instead of animals.

Hampton Creek Foods – Working on a Solution

In 2015, Hampton Creek was named a “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum. The company is working to build the the world’s largest plant database to aid in their goal of making healthier and more sustainable food.

Their primary product is Just Mayo, produced with an plant-based egg replacement powder. There are currently several varieties of Just Mayo being sold by large retailers including Walmart, Whole Foods, Target and Publix.

Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough followed in 2014. The cookies are available in several flavors, such as Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin, but contain no butter or eggs. Oprah Winfrey stated publicly that she’s a big fan of the cookies.

Many other products are being planned, all based upon plant protein. They haven’t yet produced a substitute for that 16 oz. Porterhouse, but Hampton Creek is definitely headed in the right direction. For some great recipe ideas from Hampton Foods, visit Hampton Creek Just Recipes and discover how delicious meatless eating can be.