Customers Deserve the Benefits of Green Tea

In recent years, authentic Japanese green tea has become a mainstay in healthy lifestyles across the United States. The very best of green tea products is called matcha, a powder form of the tea that retains all of the nutrients and flavor of the original leaf. The powder is carefully prepared through a centuries-old process. Below are some some of the many benefits of matcha green tea powder.

  • Matcha is a central part of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. It is prepared through a time-tested process. During the last weeks before harvest, the tea plants are moved to the shade to minimize oxidation. When processed, the stems and veins of the leaves are removed to ensure an excellent and consistent flavor.
  • Green tea is high in theanine, an amino acid that boosts energy while reducing physical and mental stress. Theanine intake is also known to boost focus and concentration, enhance memory, increase overall cognitive function.
  • In addition to energy enhancement, green tea has been reported to boost metabolism and allow faster calorie burning. It is a safe, healthy coffee alternative for dieters.
  • Green tea has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of heart disease. It reduces the bad cholesterol in the bloodstream, minimizing the chances of heart attack and cardiac death.
  • Brewed green tea has 137 antioxidants. When not brewed, matcha powder contains nearly 200. Antioxidants are vital for maintaining cell health and preventing stroke and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • It has been proven to reduce inflammation and balance fasting blood sugar in diabetics. Many drinkers also claim it helps prevent mouth, lung, and esophageal cancer.

Matcha powder is also an incredible versatile culinary item. Besides tea, matcha can be used in baking, candy-making, lattes, and smoothies. It is also used to make green tea ice cream, a dessert that has become fashionable in pan-Asian restaurants. It enhances flavor and provides a mild caffeine boost. In a growing number of countries, it is becoming a key ingredient in pastries, cakes, and gourmet chocolates.

Because of the internet, quality matcha powder is now available anywhere in the world. Tea drinkers and cooks should take advantage of this flavorful, healthy addition to their kitchens.