Dandelion Root Tea and The Health Benefits Associated With It

Buying organic dandelion root tea has become very popular for many people that want to have an all natural approach when it comes to their overall health. The tea has claims that it supports healthy digestion, which can assist in reaching and maintaining your desired weight. Let’s take a closer look at this particular tea so that we can gain a better understanding.

It is important to note that the tea is not a cure for any disease or symptoms you may be experiencing. It is also not approved by the FDA for any health benefits. With that said, always consult your physician before making any changes to your diet. Dandelion root tea supports healthy digestion by stimulating the liver to increase the production of bile. In the body, bile is responsible for two things. One, it helps in breaking down fats during the digestion process, and two, it carries away waste from the body. Both kosher and organic, the dandelion root tea is also caffeine free. This way, you are getting the health benefits without the jittery feeling caffeine can cause. The tea is a little bit bitter in taste, but is roasted and also has a sweet taste.

The best way to prepare the tea is to boil eight ounces of water. Once that is complete, put two or three tea bags in the cup and let it steep for 15 minutes. The reason you want to let it sit for 15 minutes is so you can get everything out of the tea bags and into your cup. It is recommended that you drink three cups on a daily basis for four to six weeks. At that point, take a little break from the tea before you start drinking it again.

Many people have noticed that they have become more regular and have experienced less bloating after drinking the dandelion root tea. Others have mentioned that they have noticed clearer skin. Whether you decide to start drinking dandelion root tea because of its health benefits, or simply because of its taste, consult your doctor before doing so, just to make sure it is alright for you to consume.