Dating Concerns and HIV

Today, dating can be scary especially for people who are sexually active. Some of these people may have made poor choices in the past and had unprotected sex which may have resulted in unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. There are number of people who also practice celibacy as well as some who are virgins. When all of these people from different walks of life come together, the chemistry can be right, but there may be concerns about the other person’s past or present sexual activity. This can interfere with intimacy.

A major concern among people who date is HIV. Some people are infected with this virus and do not know it. There are others who know they are infected yet do not tell others nor practice safe sex. All of this leads to more and more people being concerned. Keep in mind that just because you date someone does not mean that you have to have sex with them. After people have dated for awhile, no doubt their emotions get the best of them, but they do not have to act on their emotions.

If you have met someone and you are thinking about having sex with them, you should discuss using condoms as well as getting tested for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. Even if you both test negative, keep in mind that early exposures may not show up until after 90 days which is why you need to use condoms. People sometimes let their emotions get the best of them and stop using condoms. This is not always a good idea even if you think you and your partner are monogamous.

As far as testing goes, you have the option to go to a health facility or your doctor. You may also choose to take advantage of at-home testing. This will give you both the discreteness you need and rapid results. If either of you tests positive, seek counseling. People who receive positive HIV results sometimes go into a state of depression. They may also find it hard to control their anger. Keep in mind that people with HIV can live long lives if they get treatment. Visit for more information about HIV and dating.