Eating Protein-Rich Foods That Aren’t Associated With Meat

Just about every person out there could afford to add a little more protein into their diet. The obvious solution would be to start eating more meat. Items such as chicken and turkey have tons of protein per serving. However, not everyone is very fond of meat and would prefer some sort of alternative. Thankfully, there are plenty alternatives to meat that many people will enjoy.

A person can incorporate more protein into their diet by consuming more beans. A lot of people often stay away from beans because of the gassy effects that they have. However, aside from the slight bloating effect, beans are a great alternative to meat. Items such as pinto beans and black beans are very popular with vegans. Just a cup of cooked kidney beans has nearly 15 grams of protein. Plus, items like black beans can be cooked into patties and served on burger buns in place of meat.

Lentil is another great protein-rich food item than many vegans and vegetarians turn to. While some confuse lentils as beans, lentils are technically considered a grain. One taste of these little guys is all a person needs to see why so many people love them. Just like some beans, lentils can provide a heaping amount of protein per serving – half a cup is around 20 grams. Lentils are also very versatile and can be served as a soup or as part of a delicious salad. Consumers can find more healty foods from the folks at Hampton Creek.

And finally, when it comes to finding meatless options that provide more protein, you can’t overlook tofu. Tofu is a soy-based product that provides just as much protein per serving as some meats. Just 8 ounces is all a person needs in order to consume 20 grams of protein. Plus, tofu commonly comes in three textures: soft, medium and hard. Tofu can be whipped, baked, fried and much more.

These are just a few of the sources more people are turning to in order to get the amount of daily protein that they need. Of course, there are plenty of other meatless options to choose from, but these are some of the more common varieties. Either one of these options can help a person consume more protein each day.