Enjoying Matcha Green Tea

When someone is regularly feeling sluggish throughout the day, they may want to try using Matcha green tea as a pick me up. This tea is known to be used as a natural booster in energy levels as it will boost the metabolism after it is consumed. Some people use it as a weight management method for this reason. It is also used as a way to keep nails, hair and skin in the best of condition since it is filled with antioxidants. Matcha green tea is also used to increase concentration. It is good for information retention and memory.

Matcha trees are grown in areas where there is an abundance of shade. This allows the chlorophyll in the leaves to retain a large number of nutrients as ultraviolet rays do not dry out the leaves. When the leaves are collected, they are crushed into a fine powder, allowing each piece to be filled with nutrients rather than using only a few leaves in a tea bag.

This powder can be used on a variety of foods, allowing the consumption of the nutrients to be done without any hard to swallow pills or bitter tastes. The powder is practically undetectable with no aftertaste. Many people enjoy it sprinkled on top of a salad, blended into a smoothie, or added to a hot soup. Baking with matcha green tea powder is a wonderful way to hide the material in a treat. The energy one gets from one service of matcha green tea will last on average from six to eight hours. Drink a mug of tea or enjoy food with it added in the morning to be able to stay alert for the entire day.

Matcha green tea can also be consumed as a regular hot beverage. Simply place a teaspoon of the powder into a mug and add hot water. Allow the powder to dissolve and enjoy. When someone asks, “where can I buy Matcha green tea?” they can be told to take a look at reputable sellers online. Matcha tea will be shipped to the recipient in a foil-lined pouch so it will stay fresh between uses.