Enjoying Summer Fruits

Summer fruits are quite the treat with different textures, tastes and sugar content. Whether you like the tartness of a gooseberry or the sweetness of fresh raspberries, you need to wash them first. This is where the proper colander comes in handy. A Berry Colander is designed for the delicate fruits of summer as well as other small items. You can find plastic sets that include a colander, a bowl and a lid that works great for rinsing, straining and storing all kinds of berries. Most of the bowls have skid-proof bottoms or feet and the colander sits inside so you can be sure you will not lose any berries on the counter. Once the berries are washed and drained, you can place them into the bowl and cover with the airtight lid. That is, if there are any berries left over.

Stainless steel berry colanders are durable and affordable. Many are small like the size of a standard breakfast bowl and have very fine holes in them. This makes them perfect for washing fragile berries because blackberries and raspberries remain intact while rinsing them and shaking off the excess water. The small size colanders can also be used as a steamer as many have no handles. The best way to enjoy berries is to quickly rinse them under hot water to bring out their natural oils/sugars and then immediately put them in cold water to retain their color and texture.

In addition to berries, these colanders prove useful with small food items like beans and fresh peas. They will not fall through a berry colander as they can a regular one. As with any kitchen gadget, these colanders range in price and some can get expensive. It is important to realize that an inexpensive one will get the job done with no problems. For average everyday use, you may not want to spend a whole lot of money. If you bake a lot of berry pies or steam a lot of fruits such as figs and plums, you may consider getting a higher quality berry colander that can withstand varying temperatures and excessive use.