Everything You Need to Know About Using A Bamboo or Plastic Sushi Rolling Mat

Makisu is what you probably know more commonly as a sushi rolling mat. It is a tool that you would use to create sushi rolls. You can get a bamboo or plastic sushi rolling mat to make your sushi rolls.

Bamboo or Plastic?

The truth is that bamboo or plastic sushi rolling mats will both work just fine for creating sushi rolls. It really just comes down to what fits in your budget and whether or not you want an authentic sushi experience. A high quality bamboo sushi mat is the best tool to have if you want to create sushi rolls from the comfort of your own home. Bamboo sushi rolling mats are considered by many to be the more authentic and traditional choice.

Making Sushi Rolls

There are a lot of steps to keep in mind as you use your bamboo mat. You have to make sure that you blended the rice and the vinegar together right. You need the rice to be sticky, or it is going to be hard for you to roll up the sushi and get it to stick together.

Rolling sushi is a difficult task for anyone to do for the first time. This is especially true if you try doing it without using a rolling mat. The rolling mat will make sure that your sushi roll is firm. It is also going to make sure that you do not crush the sushi roll in the process of rolling it up.

You should keep in mind that getting the sushi and rice to roll up into perfect sushi rolls using the mat is only going to happen if you took the time to make the rice the right way. It can take about an hour to repair the rice for making sushi rolls.

A Common Mistake

One of the most common mistakes a newer roller can make is not cleaning the rice properly or letting it soak in water long enough to absorb enough water.

Do not get frustrated if your first sushi rolls do not turn out great, they will get better. You just have to keep using your rolling mat. It is an art and you will perfect it in time.