Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Facebook, as well as other social media sites, provide businesses an opportunity to communicate directly with customers in real time, and engage them via videos, comments, feedback, and information. There is no delay of information that occurs in television or radio commercials, press releases, magazine articles, or newspapers. As soon as the business posts the video, announcement, coupon, or recipe, it is available to customers. Customer questions can be answered in a very short amount time, comments or concerns can be addressed quickly, and customer satisfaction rises.

Creating a page is free on social media sites, so businesses can enjoy free advertising, free publicity, and free referrals to their page or home website. Customers with personal pages can share links to business pages, like pages, and mention business pages on their personal pages for family and friends to check out. Businesses that keep their pages updated can generate new customers, increase traffic to their page and their website, and reward loyal customers with special deals, coupons, and contests. Social media has a major impact on marketing in the global economy.

Start-up businesses, like Hampton Creek, for example, can introduce themselves and their products without spending a small fortune on traditional advertising. Providing information regarding products, highlighting what makes them different, and letting people know where to locate them, can turn a new product into a success quickly. A video captures attention, links to other articles generates buzz and excitement, and pictures of products lets customers know what to look for when shopping. An early product, Just Mayo, for instance, was an instant success, mainly due to social media attention.

The success of social media as a marketing tool has led to businesses having pages on many sites. Each page provides links to the pages on other sites. So the facebook page will also have links to the twitter page, the pinterest page, and the YouTube videos of the business. People can pick and choose which pages they want to visit, which ones they want to mention, and which to ignore. Formats differ with sites, so it is simply a matter of preference for customers. Having pages on many sites ensures a business will reach the maximum amount of people.