Facebook Connects People and Businesses Alike

As most of the people living in the United States today are well-aware, Facebook is a popular social media utility. It is not only a great way to stay in touch with old friends, but also, with new friends, co-workers, and even people of like mind whom you actually may have never met in person! In addition to people connecting with people, there are many pages on the site that represent various businesses. Some are nationally recognized, some are small, specialty establishments that draw from the entire nation, and some are simply local places.

Sites such as this, or Twitter, or even one of the smaller utilities, are a great way to keep up with a much larger number of individuals than would be possible were the participants not connected via the utility online. After all, who has time to write an email to three or four hundred friends about what’s going on in your life? No one does! Yet, by simply posting a single status update, you have managed to inform almost everyone you know of what is new and different in your life. Some businesses use their FB page as their primary website. If they have a change of hours, are closed for repairs or change their menu significantly, they’re able to inform everyone about it at once via Facebook!

To get an idea of how the system works, take Mary Blanchette as an example. Her facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/mary.blanchette.144. From it it is possible to get an idea of her appearance, as well as where she went to college, what she studied, whether she graduated, and where she is now currently working. Depending upon how she set her privacy settings, anyone interested can likely see whether they have any friends in common, see photos of the people who are her friends, can determine the type of things she chose to “like” and can even send her a private message or ask to be included on her friend’s list should they so desire. Anyone who feels their life is lacking socially should spice it up a bit by participating on this site!