Fans of Just Mayo May Be Interested in a Fortune Article About Hampton Creek

Many people choose food products based on the company’s dedication to certain ethical considerations. They may prefer to support organizations that produce vegan items or, at a minimum, make an effort to avoid suppliers connected with animal cruelty. They may want to support companies concerned about environmental issues, such as water pollution and global warming. When a small food producer they support becomes associated with a mega-sized food service corporation, they want to know more. Reading the recent Fortune article about Hampton Creek provides the information they’re looking for.

Hampton Creek scored a contract that makes them the only supplier of salad dressings and certain baking mixes for global food service organization Compass Group. The small company previously made a big splash with its egg-free sandwich spread, Just Mayo. They were able to get this product into major retailers such as Walmart, Kroger and Whole Foods. Food giant Unilever even sued them over this item, stating that mayonnaise cannot be free of eggs. The bigger corporation eventually dropped the suit and then released its own egg-free version of mayo.

Compass Group is headquartered in the United Kingdom. It provides the food for billions of meals at a variety of venues, such as cafeterias in schools, hospitals and workplaces. This recent agreement with Hampton Creek isn’t its first. Previously, the corporation began including the small company’s line of egg-free cookies in its food offerings. With the exclusive contract for salad dressings, customers frequenting these cafeterias will become well-acquainted with the toppings when they create plates of fresh veggies at the salad bar.

Not only is Hampton Creek making the effort to offer vegan food, it focuses on the fact that these cookies need less land and water to produce them compared to standard commercial cookies. Thus, they can cut back on the use of natural resources and be considered a more environmentally sustainable organization. Compass Group may very well see this as a way to enhance their public relations and general reputation. It’s good timing as consumers increasingly become more concerned about compassion to animals in agriculture as well as global warming and other environmental problems.