Finding Trusted Information About Your Favorite Foods

You know the importance of buying local and eating less meat. However, finding information you can trust about the foods you buy at your favorite store is becoming more and more complicated. Food labels can be complicated and understated. All of the ingredients may not have come from one country. Finding good information about your favorite foods and the companies that make them takes some time but it can be done.

Use the Food Scores App

Download the Environmental Working Group’s easy to use app Food Scores to find out about food brands. Find out how nutritious your food really is and if there are any potentially harmful ingredients on those tiny Magic Eye-like food labels. Customize the settings if you follow a special diet, such as a gluten-free diet.

Ask Companies Directly

Sometimes the best way to find out information is to go straight to the horse’s mouth. Food companies and brands have a strong presence on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Ask whatever question you want on those sites, but please be respectful. For example, if you are looking for information about Hampton Creek Products like Just Mayo, then you can go to the Hampton Creek Facebook page and type in your question. It should be answered in a couple of days or less.

Go Small

Smaller food companies rather than huge conglomerates tend to be more truthful about their products since they have so much riding on so few products. According to the Center for Food Integrity’s November 2015 report, Americans are normally leery of big food companies. These beliefs are often not based on facts but are hard to ignore. If your gut tells you to steer clear of a certain company, it’s best just to go with your gut. You have enough stress in your life. You do not need to stress about what you are eating.

Check Out the Center For Food Integrity

The CFI is a non-profit organization that looks to get the right answers consumers have about the food they eat. They do not work for any particular food company. You can contact them with your questions on their social media sites or their website.