Food Tips for Vegan Families with Children

For adults who are vegans, a lifestyle dedicated to not eating any animal products can be quite rewarding in spite of any challenges such a diet brings. When vegans have families, however, it can sometimes be difficult to find options everyone will eat without complaint. Children often dislike eating a lot of vegetables, and they may especially be upset if they are not allowed to have what their friends are eating. Hampton Creek is a food production company that is steadily releasing more products that will make it less of a challenge for families to find alternatives the whole family will be happy to eat. Hampton Creek’s food info shows that all the products they make are completely vegan. Here are some of the choices they already offer or that will be on select grocery store shelves soon.


Most children love desserts, and Hampton Creek is creating a wide variety of sweet options families can choose from. Just Cookies is one product that has already sold well. Just Cookie Dough is popular too, and both desserts contain no butter or eggs. Hampton Creek will be following up these successful products with a number of mixes that are easy to make, including brownies and cakes. Sometimes, the promise of a delicious dessert will be enough to encourage children to finish their meals so they can get to the treat at the end. All of Hampton Creek’s desserts are perfect for a vegan lifestyle.

Other Tasty Products

Children need a solid breakfast before they head off to school to give them energy throughout the day. Hampton Creek has some products that can help with this as well, particularly a muffin mix and a pancake mix. Breakfast foods like these are very similar to what their friends at school are likely to eat. For children who like salads, Hampton Creek’s dressings are great. Mayonnaise can also be a nice addition to certain foods, and the company’s Just Mayo is an alternative to traditional mayonnaise that does not contain even a trace of eggs.

As Hampton Creek continues to release additional products, vegan families are sure to look to the company more and more for food alternatives that taste great. Because of these options, the vegan lifestyle will soon be easier.