For Consumers Who Want More Information About Hampton Creek: The Company and Its Products

Hampton Creek has long been known for its successful egg-free mayonnaise product, which is sold not only by natural food stores but major retailers in the grocery industry. It also provides a tasty chocolate chip cookie dough. The company plans to unveil numerous additional products in 2016, as reported by Fortune magazine. For more information about Hampton Creek, consumers may want to check out the company’s website or read the magazine’s article.

Since people who don’t eat meat or animal-based products were drawn to Hampton Creek’s “Just Mayo,” the organization has commonly been thought of as a vegan food producer. That’s fine with company representatives, but they want consumers to know they have additional goals. One of the organization’s primary goals is to offer processed food products that don’t contain an enormous list of ingredients, especially ingredients that consumers do not recognize or that seem questionable. They focus on natural components as opposed to artificial ones, in addition to replacing animal-based ingredients with plant-based components. Owners, managers and employees of this company appreciate the chance to prove that plant-based foods are every bit as delicious as those containing ingredients derived from animals.

Another goal of this company is to offer products that are more friendly to the environment than their standard commercial counterparts. The organization aims to use production processes that cut back on water usage, for example. By not supporting the factory farm industry with its problematic issues, including generating enormous amounts of animal waste and methane gas, it sees ways to provide food without having such a negative environmental impact. Factory farms are implicated in global warming as well as in pollution of waterways.

The list of goals doesn’t stop there. The plant-based recipes are intended to provide healthier foods. Mayonnaise without eggs, for example, has less cholesterol than the egg-based sandwich spreads. That’s important for people who have trouble managing their cholesterol levels. New products expected to be on shelves in 2016 also will offer alternatives to items that are known to be fattening, to significantly elevate cholesterol and blood sugar, and to offer little in the way of nutrition.