Give Your Sandwich a Healthy Makeover

Sometimes, there is nothing better than meat and cheese between two pieces of bread. Whether it is packing a lunch for the afternoon or preparing a simple dinner, sandwiches are a great go to item that offers endless possibilities. But what happens when a family is working hard to make healthier choices? Does it mean than all of those ingredients and condiments need to be tossed out? Today, it is possible to give a sandwich a healthy makeover without sacrificing taste and flavor.


Finding a new bread is often the first step in the sandwich makeover. White bread is a great choice for taste but doesn’t always deliver when it comes to healthy benefits. Take time to look at different types of bread made with whole grains. For those looking to cut back on carbs, think about going with only one slice of bread. At first, it might seem like it takes away from the entire principle behind a sandwich. But in reality, it just shrinks the size and still delivers everything a person loves about a simple sandwich.

Inner Items

For most people, there is no giving up the meats and cheeses that take center-stage when it comes to flavors. It is possible to find similar ingredients that offer a healthy alternative. But what about those people who can’t give up their ham and cheese? It is possible to enjoy the ham and cheese but consider adding a couple of extra ingredients in order to get in some extra veggies. Even small additions of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and other veggies can add to the substance of the sandwich, increase flavor, and provide a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.


Mayonnaise slathered on the bread is often a key to the perfect bite. Instead of giving up on the condiments that a person loves, it is possible to once again, look to an alternative. Just Mayo offers the same texture and taste as its traditional counterpart but it comes from a much healthier background. Without using eggs, this favorite condiment has come to life, decreasing the cholesterol and making sure that healthy sandwich lovers are well taken care of.