Hampton Creek and Its Dream for a Universal Egg-Free Diet

Does food technology company hampton creek really want to make the use of eggs in food obsolete? That’s the rumor in headlines around the Internet, as articles focusing on this organization discuss its egg-free mayonnaise alternative and its cookie dough that’s free of eggs. It’s safe to say that Hampton Creek’s management definitely wants to reduce people’s reliance on eggs, but doesn’t necessarily want them to think about it. The company would like this to happen naturally, as consumers simply choose food that tastes good, is priced reasonably and contains only plant ingredients rather than any animal-based components.

It seems like a big dream, but the company’s success in its still-limited product offerings is noteworthy. Whenever a small organization gets sued by a huge one for supposedly causing financial harm to the competition, that’s quite an unintentional feat. Unilever, which was not thrilled about the mayonnaise alternative product, dropped the lawsuit before much time passed. The lawsuit mainly ended up serving to catch the attention of consumers and make them want to try Just Mayo.

And what about making eggs obsolete in the human diet? That’s a pretty radical concept. However, more than a trillion eggs are laid by hens every year, dramatically more than would be the case if those chickens led anything like a normal life for birds. Factory farms essentially keep hens stuffed in cages with barely room to move. These birds would normally be outdoors, socializing with one another and pecking the ground for food. A factory farm may be efficient for egg production, but it is much less efficient than simply not attempting to produce so many eggs. If plant protein can replace some of the egg content in processed foods, the impact on the environment and the prevalence of inhumane treatment of chickens will both be much lower.

People will probably never give up eggs, since eggs taste delicious, enhance various kinds of foods and offer a good source of protein and nutrients. Nevertheless, giving up eggs in products such as mayonnaise and cookies shouldn’t be a negative experience for people, and it should have positive effects in the larger world. Hampton Creek aims to make that dream a reality.