Hampton Creek And Its Role in Healthy Eating

Most of the world is now aware that humans have a huge impact on the planet, and not always in a good way. As a result, new technology is springing up in an effort to find healthier, greener ways to live and eat. Hampton creek is one of many businesses that were founded in order to develop nutritious, plentiful, good-tasting foods that are also good for the earth. The company is leading research in the field and has already marketed three products that meet their high standards.

The Benefits of Plant-Based Food

The founders of Hampton Creek began their research because they were concerned about the unsustainable way that today’s food supply chain works. A huge amount of easy-to-get, inexpensive food contains animal protein. In order to continually fill that need, plants need to be grown so animals can be fed and raised. Not only is livestock not sustainable but animal protein often does more harm to people than good. Plant based diets can contain all the protein humans need and are sustainable. Crops are grown, harvested and become foods, with animals removed from the equation.

Science And Chefs Are Leading the Way

Hampton Creek Foods has created an egg replacement that acts and tastes like the real thing. Called Beyond Eggs, it uses a pea protein formula, but no animal products. The vegan community and many powerful investors have taken note and are working with the new company. Progress in the field has been outlined at sites like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampton_Creek. Websites like Wikinut are informing millions about the plant-based food choices. In just a 3year span (2011-2014), teams that include scientists, programmers and chefs developed 4 products and a huge plant database.

Retailers Have Jumped on Board

Dozens of stores now offer Beyond Eggs as well as Just Mayo, Hampton Creek’s healthy mayonnaise replacement. It is sold by giants like Walmart, Amazon and Winn Dixie. Food services are also distributing Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. The replacement cookie dough has no eggs, making it an ideal choice for those who are hooked on eating the sweet snack raw.

Food technology experts are working on ways to replace unhealthy animal-based foods with plant-based substitutes. As a result, the public now has access to delicious, plant-based eggs, mayonnaise, cookies and cookie dough. Teams of experts continue to develop more products like these which are good for people and the planet.