Hampton Creek Brings Healthy Foods to a Whole New Level for Consumers

There is a lot of talk about sustainable foods and how they are better for people, farmers and the environment. There are several reasons why growing and consuming sustainable foods are better than store bought convenience foods. World citizens are consistently trying to make foods safe for consumption. Sustainable food products may be the answer to ending many negative issues of food production in the world today.

First of all, according to Hampton Creek, maker of plant-based protein foods, state these types of foods are better for the health of people and the environment. This is because today’s commercial foods are genetically cloned, modified, and patented. This could endanger the health of people who ingest the different chemicals that are used in some of the processes. Food that is sustainable is pure without the use of chemicals from the point of the original farming in good soil, to delivery at a local farmer’s market, and finally to the consumer’s table. There is less likely a chance of illness being caused by the sustainable food.

Secondly, sustainable foods are simple and represent the types of food that were consumed by humans for thousands of years. It encompasses creation without harm to animals or the soil in which it is grown. The harvest doesn’t interfere or deplete non-renewable resources, which involves a huge agenda of “Saving the Earth” across the entire world.

Third, unlike the pre-packaged convenience items which just need to be heated in the microwave or oven, sustainable food should be prepared from farmer to table by learning different ways to cook it. It takes time to learn how to prepare the better foods, but it far outweighs the simple preparation of commercialized meals. Utilizing spices and natural items to add flavor and improve consistency can make healthy meals just as enjoyable.

Fourth, once consumers find that they physically feel better and are not facing obesity, the value in taking the time to shop for sustainable food items and experiment to create the best tasting foods that support good health is discovered. Youngsters will continue the trend as they grow up and have families of their own.

Lastly, with sustainable foods, Mother Earth continues to support life, people live longer and feel better with their food choices, the local economies grow, and animals are not forced to live in squalid and inhumane environments. Everything worthwhile requires effort. By putting forth that effort, everyone wins.