Hampton Creek Food Products Help Idealistic Folks Move Along the Path Toward Becoming Vegan

Some people feel really motivated to go vegan, but it turns out to be more difficult than they’d even imagined. Sometimes they may feel a sense of despair as they miss certain favorite foods and realize how many things they can no longer have. Looking at the shelf of mayonnaise jars in the store and realizing mayonnaise is no longer acceptable can be one of those episodes that causes a vegan to fall off the wagon for a while. Mayonnaise contains eggs, after all. Fortunately, however, Hampton Creek has created an egg-free version of this sandwich spread that is reasonably priced and tastes very much like the old favorite. More information about this product, Just Mayo, can be found on the organization’s social media page, https://www.facebook.com/hamptoncreek.

A much greater percentage of idealistic folks become vegetarian compared with those who become vegan. They hit a wall when they think about dropping dairy foods and eggs from their diet, considering how much they’ve already give up. They can imagine a big dish of fried rice without any meat, for instance, but the idea of eating it without scrambled eggs is not appealing. They may have spent years eating eggs for breakfast a couple of times a week, and this is no longer an option. The idea of having veggie sausage and toast without butter gets a bit depressing. And no more egg salad sandwiches? Going vegetarian seems doable, going vegan not so much.

With products from Hampton Creek, however, there’s an increasingly large bright spot for people who wish to become vegan but can’t seem to manage it. The company expects to introduce a plant-based scrambled egg alternative that tastes like the real deal and has very similar texture too. With some whole-grain bread and some Just Scramble blended with Just Mayo, food that is almost exactly like egg salad becomes available. Adding a little of one of the company’s salad dressings can tweak the flavor a bit; ranch and sweet mustard flavors are fine choices. Chop up some celery, onion and pimento and add those ingredients, and the vegan egg-free egg salad becomes an especially delightful meal.