Hampton Creek Is Making Waves in the Vegan Food Industry

Over the last twenty years, there have been major changes in the food industry. What was once a wholesome market, soon turned to chemically laden food offerings that could be made faster and for less money. Unfortunately, this has greatly affected the health of the entire world. The obesity epidemic is rising and more and more people are suffering from diabetes. Thankfully, companies like Hampton Creek are rising to the challenge and producing healthier vegan food options that are not filled with chemicals and only include beneficial plant-based ingredients.

The new products from Hampton Creek have allowed this company to rise above many others. They have carried out years of research to learn all they can about the plants that are available all around the world. Their goal was to research these products and see which ones can be used in the production of healthy food choices. Now, they have a huge database that is full of beneficial plant information. They have been able to be successful in using this information to create delicious and healthy food products for vegans and those who are attempting to eat a healthier diet.

Hampton Creek has produced a food line that will soon include around 50 products. As of now, their food line includes products like vegan mayo, salad dressings, cookie dough, cookies, and a popular egg substitute. The new products they will be bringing in will include pancake mixes, dessert mixes, brownies, cake, and much more.

In the coming years, it will be interesting to see what Hampton Creek offers. They recently announced they are working on as many as 500 different products they hope will make a huge change in the food industry. These foods have been heralded by people all over the world and are even being consumed by non-vegans who simply want to improve their diet.

Those who have never tried Hampton Creek products are in for a treat. With their innovative food selections, they hope to help the world realize there are healthier ways of enjoying food and life. Check out their new products as they come on the market and see how amazing they are.