Hampton Creek: Making Healthy Easier

Wouldn’t it be great if healthy food alternatives acted and tasted like the “real thing”? Thanks to a couple of curious and socially responsible businessmen, it can. In 2011 Joshua Tetrick and Josh Balk decided to do something about problems they noticed in the world’s food supply. That led to a lot of research and, ultimately, the creation of great-tasting, readily available alternatives to many animal based products. The duo called their new company Hampton Creek and began a revolution.

Research Led to an Updatable Egg

Work at Hampton Creek began with an egg substitute. Specifically, the founders wanted to create a healthier version of the traditional egg. They paired their ideas with other experts and created Beyond Eggs, a plant-based product that can be upgraded, like software. It is cholesterol free, acts and tastes like real eggs, and was used as a main ingredient in their next effort, Just Mayo. The mayonnaise alternative tastes wonderful and is available in chipotle, garlic and sriracha flavors.

Brilliant and Diverse Teams Create Products

Hampton Creek’s goal is to help people get healthier without making any special dietary changes. The founders believe that changing the way we look at food creation is a fundamental first step, and that is just what they do. Hampton Creek employees include a diverse group of experts who are some of the best in the fields of food preparation, technology and food science. These talented professionals worked together to produce the company’s popular Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. Specialists also designed a database that indexes plants from around the globe. They evaluate results and identify plants that can be adapted for cash crops that will benefit farmers around the world.

Technology Is Filling Shelves With Appealing Products

Hampton Creek’s unique approach to food technology, coupled with the popularity of its products, has spurred the creation of new products. Currently the business is developing a safe sugar replacement. They are introducing healthy pancake, muffin and brownie products. Teams are working on healthy meat, cheese, pasta and breads. Their products are being distributed in popular stores such as Walmart, Target, Safeway, and Whole Foods.

Food technology innovator Hampton Creek is working to solve a world food supply problem while making it easier to stay healthy. The young company includes teams of experts who design healthy, delicious and easily available alternatives to many animal-based products.