Hampton Creek Products are the Talk of Facebook

With over 200,000 likes, Hampton Creek’s Facebook page is exposing the company and its products to food and beverage experts as well as home cooks around the country. So, why is that important? Consumers are always looking for ways to eat healthy without giving up taste, and the company’s Facebook page is chock full of healthy ways to use the company’s plant-based products to produce healthy meals and snacks. Even more interestingly, professional chefs are also taking note, as diners in the nation’s finest restaurants are demanding healthy alternatives to traditional dishes.

Of course, consumers don’t always have the knowledge to make the best use of the company’s products and need a little help to understand how, for example, a plant-based product can replace traditional mayo. The Facebook page provides links to social media sites as well as YouTube to provide strategies for using the company’s products. That leads some viewers to ask why alternatives are important today.

First, many food experts are suggesting our current food supply chain is simply not sustainable. Industry experts have, for years, been looking for ways to substitute plant-based products for animal-based ones, as doing so would allow greater food production while, at the same time, reducing the environmental impact of the production. Just Mayo, for example, uses no eggs. That means the product is attractive to those who are environmentally sensitive, but there are other advantages as well.

Online reviews attest to the product’s great taste in a variety of dishes. Consumers also love the low price point, which keeps the product within reach of anyone, even those on a modest budget. With no GMOs or soy, the product is also safe for people with a variety of food allergies. Of course, everyone needs to read the ingredient list to make sure the product is safe for them, but many people are attracted to all the company’s products simply because of the safety of their ingredients.

While hampton creek produces several products already, it is still researching ways to replace or improve other commonly used foods with safer and healthier alternatives. Whether you’re looking for a way to eat healthier or to protect the planet, plant-based products are worth exploring.