Hampton Creek: The Business That Is Changing the Way We Look at Food

Advances in technology have allowed food growers, processors and packagers to flood the markets with thousands of products. Unfortunately, all that progress has not necessarily resulted in better food. Most of the food that is the easiest to get and most affordable is actually harmful. That is why two bright young businessmen took a closer look at the world’s food supply system. The result was hampton creek, a new food technology company started in 2011.

The Egg Came First

Since eggs are one of the most common products used in foods, Hampton Creek’s founders immediately began searching for a plant-based egg replacement. Their work resulted in Beyond Eggs. The product acts and tastes like eggs, but contains no animal products. It is made with sunflower lecithin, canola, peas and natural gums. It is also cholesterol and gluten free. As soon as it was introduced, the affordable, healthy product caught the attention of the health and business communities.

Research Resulted in New Products

Soon after Hampton Creek introduced Beyond Eggs, businessmen like Bill Gates became interested in the concept and invested in the company. As a result, Hampton Creek Foods went on to produce an egg-free mayonnaise called Just Mayo, followed by healthy Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. Just Cookie dough has become a popular, snack that is also safe, since it has no eggs. Hundreds of retailers became interested in the products. Clients can now visit hamptoncreek.com and find nearby stores that sell Just Mayo. Just Cookie Dough and Just Cookies are distributed only by food services.

Teams of Experts Continue to Make Progress

Hampton Creek has hired experts who include chefs, scientists and programmers. These teams have created a huge database that allows the business to constantly evaluate thousands of plants. They are continuing to work on new products as well as investigate cash crops. Their goal is to let farmers all over the world learn about plants that are good for the earth and can help them raise their standards of living.

Since 2011 a food technology company called Hampton Creek has been researching and creating plant-based alternatives to many foods. Their mission is to offer safe, great-tasting affordable alternatives to harmful animal-based foods. They are also working to find crops that will feed the world and help farmers everywhere.