Hampton Creek’s Big Successes in the Processed Food Marketplace

There are a lot of small food producers targeting niche populations, but most aren’t achieving the broad-range success of Hampton Creek. Although Hampton Creek only produces vegan items, its management doesn’t want those products considered as part of a niche market. Instead, it seeks to attract customers looking for delicious, healthy, and affordable processed foods that have, traditionally, been unavailable. That means avoiding genetically-modified organisms and artificial ingredients. In reading additional details from Hampton Creek, consumers learn that the products are intended to be part of a more sustainable food supply while, at the same time, being more environmentally friendly.

This company’s products have been embraced by some big players in the food industry, proving that they really do appeal to a large audience as contrasted with a niche one. For example, global food service provider Compass Group now offers salad dressings only from Hampton Creek in its cafeterias. The management of that corporation views Hampton Creek’s goals as aligning with its own for more ethical food production and sustainability. Convenience store chain 7-Eleven has replaced mayonnaise with Hampton Creek’s sandwich spread Just Mayo in its menu items. Many of the best-known grocery store chains sell Hampton Creek products. Just Mayo and other items can be purchased at stores such as Target, Whole Foods, Costco, and Kroger, as well as many regional chains and independent stores. These are all notable successes for the small upstart company based in San Francisco.

If anyone wonders where they can find Just Mayo at stores in their area, they can check out Hampton Creek’s website and the “Just Find It” feature. That lets consumers know they can find Just Mayo at Fred Meyer in Boise, Idaho; at Publix in Naples, Florida; at Price Chopper in Albany, NY; and at HyVee in Rochester, Minnesota. That’s just a small sampling of stores in each of those cities that carry Just Mayo. As of early May 2016, the Just Find It feature also can be used to locate the salad dressings Just Ranch and Just Italian, as well as Just Cookie Dough. The refrigerated dough is a big hit among people who like to eat raw chocolate chip cookie dough and not have to worry about the dangers of consuming raw eggs.