Healthy and Delicious Recipe Ideas

It is difficult to change eating habits and not just because of cravings. Finding recipes that make it easy to use these new products in a healthy way can be difficult. This has been the concern of many people who have begun purchasing the line of “Just” products from Hampton Creek. Since many of their initial releases have been condiments, there would seem to be a restricted number of unique ways to incorporate their brand into a diet. Luckily, the company has been as thoughtful with their recipe creation as they have been with their product development.

The benefit of the recipes is that they make it possible to eliminate less healthy ingredients from common recipes. This means it suddenly becomes easier to eat even healthier. For example, their chocolate cake recipe contains no eggs, so it is a totally vegan treat that sacrifices none of the flavor or texture of traditional chocolate cake.

The recipes available are not just for sweet treats either, but surprising dishes that can be enjoyed for lunch or a light dinner. These include the unusual mole sandwich and a Mediterranean pasta salad that is hearty enough to be a meal, or enjoyed as a flavorful side dish. Other ideas from the company are crunchy-coated avocado fries and savory potato tots. Other dessert ideas include using their popular cookie dough as a layered brownie.

In addition to the large number of Just Recipes from Hampton Creek, there are also many interesting ideas that have been created by fond users of the products. These are found all over the Internet, on blogs and in articles about the company. One unusual example is an egg-less egg salad recipes added by an avid fan that looks and taste exactly like egg salad, but is entirely vegan. The variety of options these recipes offers proves that creative cooks will easily be able to adapt their family favorites and make it possible to stick to their new diets while still enjoying the same foods they have always loved. Various recipes can be found through an Internet search as well as through the company’s YouTube channel, on their own website and occasionally on their Facebook page.