How a Newborn Photographer Gets Those Perfect Shots

To get truly special pictures of your newborn, you should go to a photographer who specializes in creating them. A regular photographer can get decent, but not truly great, results. It takes one who is used to working with newborn babies to bring out that keepsake-worthy look of peace and innocence. A good eye is also needed to create just the right amount of cuteness without having it look forced.

One trick a newborn photographer will use is to get the baby to fall asleep for the key picture. As you surely know, babies don’t just fall asleep on demand. Therefore, a newborn photography session can take up to three hours. During that time, there will be plenty of breaks for feeding, cleaning, and holding the child.

Studios like Silver Bee Photography don’t just try to tire out the baby by playing. Instead, the studio is kept at a hot 85 degrees. This helps make the baby sluggish and drowsy, and eventually, he or she will fall asleep. That’s when the best shots are taken.

Many newborn photos are taken with the baby in the nude. This is a popular style, but it’s not the only option. Babies can also be photographed in studio-provided swaddling clothes, blankets, and similar attire. These prop articles create a much better impression than the usual baby clothes. The end result will look like something you’d see on a greeting card or keepsake ornament rather than something that could have been done at home.

Studios that offer newborn photography don’t forget about mothers, and some offer maternity photography as well as pictures of babies. It is suggested that expectant mothers have their maternity pictures taken between weeks 32 and 36 for the most photogenic look. Since mothers shouldn’t be asleep for their pictures, they are not limited to having their photo shoots in the hot studio. Instead, a variety of outdoor locations can be used to provide the perfect background.

One important thing to keep in mind is that good studios are booked far in advance. Therefore, appointments for newborn photography should be made long before the baby actually arrives. Schedule your session when you enter your first trimester to be sure that you can get the pictures taken while your baby is still a newborn.