How Can You Incorporate More Green Tea In Your Diet?

Most people these days know about the benefits of green tea and how it can protect their health. This tea is full of beneficial antioxidants that work to protect the body from free radicals that cause cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, among many others. Drinking green tea on a daily basis floods the body with antioxidants that fight to strengthen and protect cells while boosting the immune system. Though the typical method of enjoying matcha green tea is through a warm cup of tea, there are actually many ingenious ways of incorporating this delicious tea into one’s diet. Knowing how to prepare this tea in different ways will prevent boredom.

Beverages are the most popular method of consuming green tea. Since the silky green powder blends in well with almost any liquid, it stands to reason it is a good beverage option. Many people enjoy green tea when mixed with their favorite fruits and vegetables in a healthy smoothie. It can also be made into a refreshing iced tea beverage or even a milkshake. Some people mix matcha green tea powder with their favorite juice for thirst-quenching refreshment.

Adventurous cooks have found many ways of adding green tea powder to their diet. This tea powder makes delicious bread, cookies, and even donuts. It can also be mixed with beneficial nutrients like oatmeal, flaxseed, and berries to make a healthy breakfast muffin. Some people even create savory dishes using matcha green tea powder as a seasoning.

No matter how this tea powder is used, people will find it helps to improve their health, gives them increased energy, and even helps with weight loss. As one grows accustomed to the rich, sweet taste of matcha powder, they tend to find new ways of enjoying the flavor and the health benefits it brings to their diet.

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