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A Guide to How Magic Works All throughout history magic and illusion have captivated audiences worldwide.If we compare it to a relationship we can describe it as a love/hate relationship.Audiences are fooled although they do not want to.It is a question how magic can have us believe something that is not really happening.If you want to know what is really happening in magic, read on. The element of surprise is the key factor in magic and illusion. Because you do not know what’s coming, it often fools you when it arrives. Think of it in this way: It’s like when you are silently waiting for a movie to start, then someone in the back begins to shout, your instinct will let you turn around to see who it was and that is the power of the instinct.This reflex is natural.Magic is simply a series of surprises that you react instinctively to. Because the illusions are well choreographed it makes us believe it and think it logical.Assumptions are naturally filled in the empty spots in your brain. Magicians performing the effect try to understand what people’s assumptions will be to allow them to continue to convince that what they are seeing is real and true.
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Somehow magicians do misdirection when they perform.If we think that we are focusing on something, then you are looking in the place the magician wants you to look. It can also mean that you are looking somewhere he does not want you to look.
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Both methods are actually used by magicians. It is not an easy thing to do. When the magician’s employs misdirection, he does not do it to your eyes but to your mind.It has nothing to do with the speed of doing things.The magic part comes when our brain perceives that something is not in the hand but which is not really true. The magician’s disposition helps a lot in making us sense something fishy or not.You cannot explain what is making you feel what you are feeling because sometimes it is intangible, but you know that things are not what they seem to be.And you also do not really believe the story he is telling. It gives us a sense of rationality when we see what we do not believe we saw. If we think magic is logical we are mistaken. You cannot say that magic is nice and clean and orderly.Magic is a mix up of things. Magicians are far ahead of us in moments. If the surprise element is not enough, magicians use other things to distract the audience so that they can be successful in fooling us with a trick.Magicians see to it that in fooling the audience they are also entertained.