How I Got What I Wanted

The Tao of Badass taught me a lot. One of the most important things I learned was about body language. I learned how important it was for me to learn how to read it. I also learned how important it was to change my body language to show confidence. My ability to read body language has helped me learn to recognize when women are open to my advances. It has also helped me learn how to take control of a situation without uttering a word.

I’ve also learned how my shyness can be overcome. Shyness doesn’t have to be a burden. Confidence is key when it comes to women. I’ve learned to carry myself with confidence. Women now act differently around me. Even women I have known for years comment on how much I have changed.

I’ve been stuck in the friend category more times than I can remember. I never knew why. The friend zone is a place no man truly wants to be. I was basically treated like one of the girls when I was in the friend zone. Being in the friend zone led to many lonely nights.

Fortunately, I no longer get put into the friend zone. I now know how to avoid that lonely place. Staying out of the dreaded friend zone isn’t that hard. Don’t we all wish we knew how easily the friend zone is avoided? If I only knew these things earlier in life, I would have had a prom date.

I can now walk into any room and know that I have a chance of getting a woman. Not any woman, but the woman I want. I no longer walk on eggshells around women. Heck, I am even more confident in the business world. Yes, some of the lessons I have learned carried over to other aspects of life.

Although I have only been ‘changed’ for a short period of time, these past few months have been the best in my life. I’ve dated women that should be on covers of magazines – at least that’s what I’ve heard from others. My life has been forever changed. There is no going back.