How to Choose the Perfect Matcha Green Tea

Green tea powder is a versatile beverage ingredient that is now being incorporated into a variety of recipes. This fine powder blends perfectly with all types of liquids so it is a great choice in making a variety of beverages. Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet and offers a plethora of antioxidants to help flood a person’s body with the necessary nutrients it needs to fight free radicals and prevent cancer. Drinking this green tea can also slow the aging process so one looks healthy and beautiful. With these tips, people will find it easier to purchase the best matcha teas so they can prepare a variety of beverages, baked goods, and recipes.

There are a couple of different grades of green tea powder one can consider when purchasing matcha. The highest level of matcha green tea is labeled as ceremonial grade. This is the grade that is used in Japanese tea ceremonies. It is the grade of choice when one wants to enjoy matcha traditionally. The tea powder is the brightest of green colors and is naturally sweet with very little tannin so it is not bitter. Though this is the best grade of green tea, it is also the most expensive.

One can also choose a culinary grade. Culinary grades of tea offer the same nutritional benefits as ceremonial grades, but they are slightly lower in quality than ceremonial. This tea powder will not be as bright a green and may not be as silky smooth. It is perfect for baking or blending in milkshakes, smoothies or other mixed beverages. This is the most widely available and popular tea powder choice because it is less expensive and offers great results when one is trying new green tea recipes.

If you have never tried green tea, make sure you choose the right type and one that is carefully sealed in an airtight container that blocks light. With the right green tea powder, you can create a host of recipes that range from green tea donuts to milkshakes. Enjoy the delicious taste sensations only green tea powder can offer.