How to Plan a Trip For You and Your Domestic Partner

While the world is making progress with accepting same-sex couples, there are areas where you and your other half shouldn’t travel in order to prevent discomfort during your vacation. If you need help planning a vacation for you and your domestic partner, make sure you thoroughly research all of your desired destinations so you can make a decision that is sure to deliver an amazing time full of fun and excitement. Before you start making reservations, make sure you use the following three tips. They can help you find the perfect spot, and guarantee you have a safe and enjoyable adventure. Not planning properly can cause your vacation plans to go awry, and leave you feeling frustrated and financially wasteful.


One of the best ways you can determine how enjoyable a destination is for gay travel is to read online reviews. Many online sites offer forums that allow users to post experiences with others so they can decide if they will be happy with a destination. Don’t take a company’s word for it, when you can get a realistic image of what to expect when you read posts from past travelers.

GLBT Travel Agents

Travel agents can help you plan your entire trip, and some even specialize in packages that are catered toward same-sex couples. Contact a travel agent in your area so you can get ideas of popular travel spots that are welcoming to your lifestyle, and will provide you with the opportunity to create uninhibited memories. It can help you spend your money wisely and wind up with a vacation that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Many cruise lines now offer trips that are geared towards the GLBT population. Whether your choose to embark on a trip to Alaska or a tropical oasis, they will have the cruise package that will fit your needs. Contact a cruise line and ask them about the options available, and benefits to opting to go on a cruise that is marketed toward same-sex couples.

Don’t make planning a trip for your family complicated. Make sure you visit so you can learn more about the options available to you and your partner. With a little preparation and research, you can book a vacation that will provide you with comfort, relaxation and memories that will last for years to come.