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How to Write Good Pieces To most people, writing is a means of communication through which one expresses themselves through ideas and notions. Speeches complement writing as people need to write down what they are going to present in front of others as a speech. Grammar and vocabulary are the major constituents of a written piece that have a good flow. Writing may be a career especially for those employed in big media houses and publishing companies while some may do it as a hobby due to the love of poetry. Writing is important as it serves the purpose of passing down a wide range of information for readers a good example being the school curriculum that relies solely on printed textbooks. Novels and inspirational books are written pieces that get a lot of recognition worldwide for authors. Some powerful people in the society prefer to write their own autobiographies in order to explain the experience they went through from childhood to adulthood. A well written piece of article should contain coherence of ideas and notions put down in structured sentences. These sentences should form clear paragraphs that are easy to read. The reader should have an easy time while reading the written piece in order for them to grasp the content without straining a lot. They should be precise and offer clarity for the reader in order to pique one’s interest in the written piece. Due to this reason, articles vary in terms of grading and selling as they receive different grades during marking. Different levels of creativity by authors causes the books to sell differently in the market as some re slow moving while others are bestsellers.
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Each paragraph in an article should contain a single idea that has been expressed in sentences. This should be written in the form of a topic sentence and elaborated further in the same paragraph. At the conclusion of an article, it is advisable for one to complete it with a conclusion that acts as a summary of what you have written in the article. Your context is proven valid when you put a good conclusion at the end of your article. A huge impact is made by well written pieces that pique the interests of many readers.
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Nowadays, people who love to write open up written blogs in social websites that act as their own personal journals. By posting unique content, bloggers keep on updating their information in order to keep their audience engaged. Content is all that matters in an article as some people tend to duplicate what other writers have already written which is wrong on so many levels. Articles should contain minimal or null grammatical errors and they should be well organized. Going through your piece once you are done writing helps you correct your mistakes and offer a better and unique piece of writing.