Joseph Makes the Rules: Gaming’s Inquisitive Lifelong Player

Joseph Gilliland is a lifelong gamer. When Playstation first launched their PlayStation One system, they were going up against Super Mario 64. People underestimate how huge this is. One company made boom boxes and stereos that were produced and China and sold for hundreds of dollars. The other made Mario. Enough said.

The Sony brand has come a long way in the gaming world, and Joseph respects their longevity. There are a lot of questions stirring about the gaming community. Every generation brings up some big questions about who is going to win out. Last gen, everyone did rather well. Nintendo one on pure sales and Microsoft made up some major groundwork from their decent original Xbox to their Xbox 360. Who really won out?

The Best 8th Gen Console

It is way too early to say who will really win this new generation, but the Xbox One is struggling early. There are enough strong games coming out in the next year from Microsoft to keep them in the running for awhile yet. These consoles are so fascinating because it is the first generation to not make a massive leap forward technologically.

Digital Games

Game collector’s absolutely hated digital gaming. No disc, no buy. It is a common opinion, which makes many people wonder- how is buying all these digital titles? The extreme answer is, of course, the casuals. It shouldn’t be that easy, but as a lifelong gamer, it is a frustrating trend. Digital games are interesting as well. They should be cheaper, but they rarely are. If customers are not paying for distribution and packaging, what are they paying for? CEO salaries? Why are these titles the same price as discs? Thankfully, the eight generation seems to be offering cheap alternatives, such as Sony’s potential game streaming service.

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