Learn About the Amazing Tastes Offered by Hampton Creek

Hampton Creek is a health food company that is working to change the way people view vegan food choices. Since they first launched in 2011, the owners have been adamant in creating alternatives for the animal products used in non-vegan foods. Although this was a daunting task, it is one they have found success in. With their research and ongoing work, they have created a line of food products that are simply delicious and full of beneficial plant sources.

When one thinks about traditional vegan food choices, they are often left with a poor opinion. The vast majority of traditional vegan foods are tasteless and full of unhealthy chemical fillers, dyes, and preservatives. Since many vegans are also concerned about their health, this is not acceptable which is why this company has worked so hard to make changes.

From the start, the owners began working with scientists and other professionals to research the properties of a wide array of plants. With their research, they have compiled an enormous database which has been used to create a variety of animal product alternatives so vegans can eventually have limitless food choices available to them.

Through their vast research, they have discovered an egg substitute and animal fat substitutes. Their findings allowed them to create a vegan product called Just Mayo. As the name implies, there are no hidden ingredients or strange additives. Aside from containing no animal products, this mayo also contains no unnatural dyes or preservatives. It is simply a delicious mayo that can be used the same way egg-based mayo can.

Just Mayo makes a delicious spread for sandwiches and is the perfect base for a variety of salad dressing recipes. Some vegans even use it for baking so they can create delicious baked sweets and treats. Speaking of these treats, the company has also released cookie products in the form of baked cookies and cookie dough. These foods are made with the same solid philosophy as their mayo.

If you are a vegan who has been missing certain types of foods like mayo and cookies, this food company is one you should check out. With their ongoing research, many are excited to learn what the company will offer next.