Learn From The Experts At A Bali Yoga Retreat

Bali is described as a magical land. Small wonder that it has become a haven for yoga enthusiasts. Where is Bali? Bali is a 95-mile wide Indonesian island located in the Indian Ocean. It is the most popular of Indonesia’s thousands of islands and is a major tourist attraction. There are serene beaches and the country side is green and one can see an occasional volcano. Now, there are several yoga retreats operating on the island. Blooming Lotus Yoga is one of the foremost retreats.

A Bali yoga retreat is perfect for people who want to learn more about the ancient practice. The Blooming Lotus Yoga retreat is located in Ubud. Ubud is in the mountains and is the center of Bali’s arts and crafts scene. Yoga is said to be native to India and the word means “to unite” in Sanskrit. The practice of yoga joins the body and mind to make one healthy. It also relaxes people and is good exercise. Blooming Lotus is affordable with small classes. Nonetheless, the teachers are among the best in the world. Organizers say the retreat is located in a slice of heaven. The retreat site is in the jungle near a sacred holy river. There is also a sacred Balinese Temple across the street. Suites are shared and include a private pool, kitchen and living room. The retreat’s cuisine is vegetarian.

Teachers try to unite the practice of classical yoga with modern needs. The retreat’s founders spend months of each year in deep retreat. They come out armed with what is necessary to share the teachings of real yoga with prospective teachers. Students join in with daily Vinyasa Flow classes. These classes are designed for yoga students of all levels. Afternoon classes focus on a Hatha flow with Yin poses designed to help one heal. Asana classes are taught in the morning and afternoon. Further, students learn and practice breathing control and other meditation practices. The retreat also recommends healthy diet and eating habits. Every daily routine taught is aimed at bringing the participant mental and emotional peace. Yoga students and teachers should experience this Bali yoga retreat.