Learning From The Best Without Spending A Fortune In The Process

For those who’ve always had a knack in the kitchen, able to take just about any ingredients in the refrigerator and turn it into a delicious meal, perhaps you’ve thought about turning your hobby into a career. But for many, the cost of going to to culinary school could have turned you off on the idea. After all the cost of many of the more prestigious schools can run upwards of $65,000, leaving you broke or in debt for many years to come.

With this in mind, a new kind of culinary school has emerged: The Culinary Connection. The Culinary Connection puts you inside real restaurant or hotel kitchens to learn to be a chef. Listening to the advice of the hiring chefs, this revolutionary new type of school takes its students and places them right into the fire of the kitchen, in upscale, quality restaurants, hotel kitchens and catering companies, too. There, they learn recipes, correct techniques and the proper prep from the people who know what they’re doing and how to really make money from a the hotel and hospitality industry.

This type of opportunity is not like any other culinary opportunity students are used to, but it’s one highly endorsed by many of the top movers and shakers in the restaurant industry. It’s a mentor-based education, much like private education and private lesson-based educations and apprenticeships of old.

Traditional culinary schools have several strikes against them from the get go, other than their high price tags. First of all, they’re crowded and they just don’t have the equipment needed to give the real life experience needed to simulate real experiences. At Culinary Connection, however, they put their students right into the actual kitchens of operating kitchens with the chefs who teach as they’re cooking. These students take home more real world experience in a day than traditional students would in a semester. Culinary Connection aims to put their students on the inside track to a career in the industry, letting them see from the first day what it’s really like to work in a kitchen with a real craftsman.