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What You Need To Know When Making Gourmet Burgers Taking hamburgers after one daily activities is one of the most interesting things that people do enjoy. One of the famous snacks that people are taking is the hamburgers which have become favorite snack for many people. In the early days people were used to hamburger that was lowly sandwich that was pressed inside a burn and then smothered with ketchup. Today the hamburger has achieved the status of gourmet as it has gone a lot of modifications to make it better. Today there are restaurants that are well known and are making a lot of money from the sales of hamburger. The grocery stores have not also been left behind as they are getting into the gourmet hamburger business. Hamburgers made of meat case are being sold by Safeway, whole foods and Sunflower markets at a premium. Though the price of hamburger is quite high in restaurant the hamburgers are so delicious. There is no need for you to worry anymore since you can still enjoy your favorite hamburger at a cheap price. This is because you can actually make your own gourmet hamburger easily using flavor combinations that your friends and family love. You can make your own gourmet burgers at a low cost by the use of bulk package of ground beef, beautiful rolls from the bakery and you own creativity. You will require one pound of hamburger, a cup of fillings and about a tablespoon of seasonings so as you can make each burger combination. The combination will give you about four hamburgers that of are of quality. You can either make big or small hamburgers all depending on your choice.
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To make a seasoned burger flavor hamburger you will mix ranch dressing mix and a cut up bacon into the burger mix. The requirements are the diced green chills and the cubed or shredded cheddar cheese, chili powder, cumin and cheddar cheese and the onions and black pepper and hot sauce. The procedure for making the seasoned burgers is to mix the seasonings right into the ground beef and top with suggested ingredients. After you have put in the refrigerate for about thirty minutes you can then grill and boil and afterwards serve on the split bakery rolls for a good meal.
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The following ingredients are required such as cracked black pepper with crumbled bleu cheese filling, carmelized, provolone, japaleous and mozzarella are needed so as to make filled burger flavor. Kneading together the ground beef and seasonings is the procedure for making filled burgers. You need to pat into eight thin patties and putting a cup of filling on the top of the four patties and getting to top all the patties to enclose the fillings and the sealing the edges together. Refrigerate for thirty minutes before cooking on the grill or under the boiler before serving.