Love in Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong many years ago, because I was a professor at a prestigious university in the United States, and I was taking my students there.  I knew the culture and the history of Hong Kong, because, of course, I was a professor of it.  But I had no idea what laid in store there for me that year that I took a class to visit all that Hong Kong has to offer.   We landed on a dreary day, and I let everyone go back to their hotel rooms to sleep off the jet lag.  It was still day, though, and I wasn’t tired, so I went downtown and walked around by myself for a while.  I was sitting next to a fountain, when I noticed a girl was crying nearby.  I went to talk to her, and she told me that she had just broken up with her girlfriend.  We ended up getting tea together and talking for a long time.     She told me all about her life and how she was a tantric massage Hong Kong massage therapist for Hong Kong Massage Services.  She said she loved her work, and she even asked me if I wanted to try an outcall massage Hong Kong with her some time.  I said I would love that, and later that night she came to my hotel room.   We had a blissful evening together that turned into a love affair lasting the whole time that I was in Hong Kong.  She was an excellent masseuse.  She touched my skin so gently at times and roughly at other times, making my muscles miss her when she wasn’t there.  I would lay on the bed and let her work me over for hours, and then we would go out and have fun together.  I always think back on that love affair with fondness, and I hope I see her again some day.