Motivations For Social Media Site Pages

People establish social media site pages various reasons. They are free to set up, so anyone with computer and internet access can start a page. People who do not own computers, or laptops, or smart phones, or who do not have internet services can still create a page. They can utilize the local library, get “WI-FI” signals in several cafes, restaurants, and businesses. Most people want to keep in contact with friends and family members, post pictures or cute videos of their pets, and share opinions. Others want to promote themselves, their business, their beliefs, groups, or specific products.

It is difficult to tell what motivates people to place information, some of it quite personal, on a page for the world to see. People indicate what they like, where they work, what organizations they support, what their political beliefs are, and maybe what they ate for breakfast. Photographers, carpenters, service professionals, consultants, salespeople, and many others who are self-employed, use the page as a way to get customers and increase revenue. It is basically free advertisement, and can help launch a home or free lance business. In fact, many established businesses and companies have pages to do just that. They promote services, announce new products, and attract new customers with coupons and promotions. Some provide free samples to people with a high number of friends on their pages. They use the product and tell others about it via social media.

If people went to, for example, they would find a fairly new page with a photograph of Mary. They would know she used to be self-employed, but now works as a Personal Training Officer in Ohio. She has a few likes that include the Ohio State University, and Viasal 1 Ghana, which is a television channel. It is possible she is looking for friends, may launch a personal business in addition to her current employment, or may want to start posting information soon. Politicians often start pages to keep people posted on their views, gain supporters for an upcoming campaign, and raise funds. Perhaps Mary is planning on running for office, or will use the page to back a certain candidate in an election.