New Healthy Alternatives To Processed Foods

Food technology company Hampton Creek is already known for Just Mayo, its egg-free mayonnaise. Introduced in Whole Foods in 2013, Just Mayo and its flavor varieties have expanded throughout the country to the shelves of many major grocery chains and the tables of over 2,000 school cafeterias. Their next development was an egg-free cookie dough called Just Cookie Dough, currently sold only in Target stores, and Just Cookies, which are distributed exclusively through food service. According to CEO Josh Tetrik, you can be on the look out for a lot of new products from Hampton Creek in the near future.

Although Hampton Creek’s food research up to now has focused on finding substitutes for eggs, they are not limiting themselves to products that need an egg replacement ingredient. Their latest two offerings are salad dressings, Just Ranch and Just Italian. In developing the recipes, the company’s food scientists and chef wanted to come up with a simple formula with healthy, recognizable ingredients. They avoid ingredients like the artificial preservatives, dyes, and flavorings that are prevalent in processed foods.

Recently, the company announced the upcoming release of 43 new products. In addition to the salad dressings, they’ve added a new flavor of Just Cookie Dough, with peanut butter joining chocolate chip at Super Target, and they are soon to launch an egg substitute called Just Scramble, which is made from a pea, but mimics the texture of scrambled eggs. Other soon-to-be-released products include pancakes, brownies, dessert mixes, more salad dressings, and more flavors of their flagship product, Just Mayo.

In looking forward, the company is working on developing 500 more products over the next few years. One that they’re working on at the moment is a plant-based substitute for a chicken nugget. Other projects for development include bread, pasta, and vegan cheese. They are also planning to add e-commerce to their website soon.

While all of Hampton Creek’s products are vegan, they don’t try to market themselves as a vegan company. Tetrik has commented that he wants to sell healthy food to people who don’t care whether a product is vegan or not. By making Hampton Creek food a cheap, convenient, and delicious choice, he is hoping to revolutionize the food production industry.