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Although they have long been a staple of the American diet, eggs are falling out of favor with some consumers. The vegan movement, a trend that has flourished in this decade, has introduced a market for egg-free products. Others avoid eggs in order to have a lower intake of dietary cholesterol. There are also many people, especially children, who are allergic to eggs and cannot eat them in any form. Hampton Creek is a food science company that focuses on replacing eggs with healthier plant-based ingredients. Their reasons for doing this, however, go beyond veganism.

Founder and CEO Joshua Tetrik and his partner Josh Balk want to give the world an alternative to egg farming. They see poultry farming methods as unsustainable because they consume too many resources, like water, grain, earth, and fossil fuels. The expense of production limits the accessiblity of the food in some parts of the globe. Furthermore, egg farming pollutes the environment when chicken manure goes into the ground water and nearby rivers and streams and when ammonia is expelled into the air from hen houses.

Hampton Creek’s egg substitute is made from a type of yellow pea, which they identified through extensive laboratory research. They are continuing to analyze many species of plants to determine how their proteins might substitute for other ingredients in recipes. Their core products, which are Just Mayo, Just Cookies, and Just Cookie Dough, are all egg-free and use the company’s own substitute. Tetrik is hoping to develop substitutes for many other common but unhealthy or unsustainably produced food ingredients, such as MSG, sugar, and trans fats. Their main interest is producing cheap, delicious, and healthy food rather than marketing to an exclusively vegan audience.

Hampton Creek’s products are currently sold in many stores such as Walmart, Costco and Whole Foods. In recent news, the large food service company Compass Group chose Hampton Creek to provide all of its dressings and baking mixes. This association will greatly increase the visibility of the products, placing them in restaurants and school cafeterias. Read more about how the Hampton Creek company is using science to revolutionize food production on