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A Sum-up of Fiction Writing At some point, especially in the junior school, you probably read several fiction books. There are various types of fiction genres including mystery, romance, and science fiction. Mystery genres mainly focus on murder attempts, although the crime happens towards the climax. Widely read is the romance genre that focus on love, fantasy, naivety, extravagance, sexual candor, and so on to stir the emotions of the people reading and the characters.
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With women carrying the largest number of readers, writers have taken up women writing fiction to keep the material circulating. What you are likely to find in the women fiction books is women triumphing over the male-dominated world, modern kitchen, beauty, relations and many women-oriented stories.
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Technology and science elements are the stories you find in the science fiction, which definitely has to be written by an expert. If you have read the thriller fictions, you understand the tension, suspense and sensation that come with them. Thrillers are often given a constant tense setting that keeps the reader focused till the end where doom gets to climax. When you think of fear in the horror genre, that’s just a tip of the ice-berg. To stir subconscious and conscious fear, the writer has to be extra creative and well informed. The comedy fiction setting is widely read, where the narrative is set to amuse the readers. With the comedy-drama setting, the writer gives the elements of both laughter and serious matters. Every fiction writing falls under short stories, novella or novels, depending on the length of the story. Although no one has been able to actually determine statics on how to differentiate, any book that is more than 120 pages should be a novel, one that has less than 30 pages should be a short story, and one the between is a novella. A novella is the book that comes between a novel and short stories, with a novel carrying more than 125 pages, while short stories have less than 30 pages. Short stories mainly lay their focus on myths and tales involving few characters. The novellas in terms of scope and length are smaller than the novels, and some people do not differentiate. Many high school teachers love to use novellas in their lessons due to the meaty topics of colonialism, nature and history. A fiction novel is an imaginative prose aimed at entertaining its readers in an incredibly thrilling approach. Easier said than done, being an excellent fiction reader might make you believe you can write, but there is a lot that comes with getting the stories together to keep the reader on the book to the end. Among the fiction writing there is, mainstream fiction attracts a broad audience due to its story line that appears unimagined and real. The reason mainstream is the largest seller is because of its story line on matters disabilities, court issues, family matters, relationships and so forth.